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Estelle Cassidy


couples counselling, relationships, marriage, dorset, psychotherapy, wimborne

With our ever increasing pressures and levels of stress, its as important as ever to take care of ourselves.

We so often view taking care of ourselves in a physical way, by minding what we eat and how often we exercise, but what about our mental health?
Its becoming clear that our mental well-being is a vital aspect of ourselves that needs as much nurture and attention as our physical bodies. 
Sometimes, we just need time to reflect and explore our thoughts and emotions about what has happened, what’s happening currently and what our hopes are for the future. Counselling provides the space in which to do this.


Couples Therapy


Individual Therapy


Therapy Sessions
About Me

I am a Registered member of BACP and have over 15 years experience in counselling. I hold a Bachelor of Arts Counselling and Psychotherapy Degree and a Certificate in Relationship Therapy from Doncaster University.  
I am a Relate qualified relationship counsellor, family counsellor and I hold a  Professional Certificate in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

As an addition to my counselling role, I also hold a Diploma in Life Coaching which can be incredibly useful in assessing your goals and direction in your life and in your relationships.
I have experience in trauma therapy and have undergone professional trauma training with the Dorset Rape Crisis Support Centre.
I have a special interest in Mindfulness and have completed several courses for my own personal benefit and for my professional development.

Above all, I am passionate about people and supporting them to overcome their struggles. 

My aim is to provide a safe, comfortable space in which to build a relationship of trust and non-judgmental understanding.

Where I Work

From the comfort of your own home or in the comfort of mine. 

I understand how difficult it is to juggle busy schedules and family life, so to try and make therapy more accessible, I offer a mobile service where I can come to your home. This service can bypass the struggle of organising and paying for babysitters or taking time off work, therefore saving you money and time. Or, if you'd prefer a neutral environment outside of your home, you are welcome to visit me at my home in Wimborne. 


Getting Help

The first step is simply to give me a call. We can talk through your questions and concerns if you have any and I can discuss the way I work and the finer details of what to expect, which I hope will put you at ease.


Relationship Difficulties 








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